Sunday, October 16, 2016

A new blog...

I recently had surgery on my right hand.  During recovery when I was unable to craft, I rearranged and catalogued my supplies.  Supplies that fill every nook and cranny of my room, stacked, in drawers, boxes, tubs.  I divested myself of some, removed wood from all my rubber stamps, created a stash to sell and now I find myself with more product than I can use in a life time.  So, I've started a new journey.  I plan to use every embossing folder, die, stencil and stamp set that I own...and document it.  If I can't think of a creative way to use it, I will add it to my sell stash.  You are welcome to travel with me as I go Once Around my Craft Room. 

As of 10-17-2016, I have 4,452 products to use.  Keep in mind, for the most part, these numbers represent sets; I will be using at least one stamp from each set, not necessarily all the stamps in each set.  Also, these numbers do not include the 4,597 images in my digital stamps file.  That's another blog.  I will keep track of these numbers as I add new items, and use items represented by the last line in each post.

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